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Our Buffalo

There is perhaps no animal that symbolizes the Wild West than the buffalo. And Hartsel Springs Ranch is one of the few places left where you will find buffalo roaming the plains. At over 100 head of buffalo, Hartsel Springs Ranch is in the largest top five percent of buffalo ranches in the world.

The great American Buffalo is the largest land mammal in North America since the end of the Ice Age. Estimates of the pre-European herd size vary from 30,000,000 to 70,000,000 animals, and they ranged over most of North America. There are three subspecies of buffalo: the Plains Buffalo, Wood Buffalo and the European Wisent. After being reduced to a herd of no more than 1,500 individuals in the mid to late 1800s, legal protection of the buffalo in National Parks and private preserves, along with individuals raising buffalo on their own land, has helped restore the buffalo to over 350,000 animals. Current estimates place the U.S. herd at 270,000 animals, with most of the production occuring on private ranches like Hartsel Springs Ranch. In 1996, Hartsel Springs Ranch took the initiative to reintroduce the Buffalo so herds would once again roam South Park. Today, numerous herds can been seen in the valleys and plains of our Ranch.

Tourists are often seen along the side of U.S Highway 24 or Colorado State Highway 9 trying to get a photograph or sneak peak of an American icon.

These animals are impressive indeed. A full-grown bull may weigh in at 2,000 pounds and can live to be 30 years. And with horns on all buffalo, the sight of these animals is nothing short of inspirational. Capable of running at speeds of 30 miles per hour, these four-legged creatures are completely at home in South Park. The protein-rich grass combined with ample water supply provides buffalo with an ideal living environment.

Buffalo are not domesticated and need to be respected. That is why we offer guided buffalo tours hosted by experienced Ranchers. Further, buffalo are located in designated and fenced tracts of land away from housing developments. So while you may enjoy a view of buffalo from your home, you won’t have to worry about encountering one in your backyard.

Buffalo meat is particularly healthy. With the recent craze for high protein, low carb diets, buffalo meat is a perfect dietary choice. In addition to being very tasty, buffalo meat contains far less fat and cholesterol that beef from cattle or chicken. In fact, here are some interesting statistics:

chicken (skinless)
2.42 g
9.28 g
9.66 g
7.41 g
Milligrams of Cholesterol per 100 grams of cooked lean meat