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About Hartsel Springs Ranch

Hartsel Springs Ranch is a unique piece of our country’s ranching and homesteading heritage, largely unchanged since the first ranchers drove their herds through the South Park Valley almost 150 years ago. Surrounded by the snow-capped Rocky Mountains and containing some of the most dramatic beauty and varied recreational activities the West has to offer, Hartsel Springs Ranch is ripe with opportunities for developers and homeowners alike.

Hartsel Springs Ranch is a place that is rugged and wild, and yet refined and luxurious – a contradiction that is, in fact, a testament to the broad character of the Ranch.

Our property is large and spans nearly 24 miles from north to south and incorporates a diverse natural environment. It continues to be a working ranch, true to its heritage, with a large buffalo herd. The Ranch’s setting is quite dramatic, containing sweeping, expansive valley vistas, majestic mountain views, pine covered ridges, flowing waterways and abundant wildlife. The rugged terrain is varied and dynamic with striking differences between the northern and southern extremes. What all parts of the Ranch have in common are dramatic beauty – panoramic views capturing the snow-capped mountain peaks in the distance, breezes blowing the grass like waves in the wide-open meadows, unexpected rounded conglomerate rock outcroppings, water rushing and burbling along rivers and creeks and the soft swaying of the towering ponderosas. The appeal of Hartsel Springs Ranch and its lifestyle opportunities is extensive – whether the opportunity be a large, working ranch, a private cabin tucked up amongst the trees or a home located on a waterway.

On property, the Ranch has over 100 head of buffalo, over 300 miles of county roads. Within Hartsel Springs Ranch, several waterways flow through various portions of the site – the South Fork of the South Platte River, the Middle Fork of the South Platte River, Four-Mile Creek and intermittent Agate Creek. Trout fishing at Hartsel Springs Ranch, and elsewhere in Park County, is excellent. The fishing at Hartsel Springs Ranch is nothing short of world class. The Colorado Division of Wildlife (DOW) has classified all waters on the South and Middle Forks within our ranch as Gold Medal or Wild Trout Waters. This is the very highest level of classification of fishing available and by definition is reserved for only those waters where there is a greater chance of landing a trophy trout.

Natural hot springs, Indian lookouts, historic buildings and outposts are part of the many attractions on the Ranch. Genuine American history comprises the essence of Hartsel Springs Ranch giving it a distinctly unique Wild West flavor.

Wild life is abundant; Elk, Deer, and Pronghorn Antelope are frequently spotted in the plains and foothills. Numerous species of birds including a variety of geese and duck, birds of prey, and smaller birds are seen regularly.

Coyote, raccoon, porcupine, rabbit, and ground squirrel also inhabit this frontier. The rivers and streams are prolific with trout and feature Brown, Rainbow, Cutthroat and Brook Trout. And don’t be surprised to find a beaver or muskrat while you’re around the water. Frogs can be found along the water during the summer months as well.

There are no poisonous snakes on the Ranch. While it is unlikely to encounter any snakes the most abundant snake is the harmless Garter Snake. Bull snakes are also present, but are rarely seen.

Weather, as is the case in Colorado high country, changes with the seasons and can change very rapidly during the course of the day. Over 300 days of sunshine and surprisingly mild winters make Hartsel Springs Ranch a seasonal resort.